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Within each day, it can sometimes seem like we don’t have enough time to get everything done. Between demanding jobs, busy social lives and all the other hobbies and tasks that are a part of people’s schedules, it is easy to neglect certain tasks and become a procrastinator. However, the race against time is made easier when you take the following measures to become more productive.

1. Complete the Most Difficult Tasks First

As each workday begins, it is easy to approach your work with lots of energy. But throughout the day, it is natural to grow a little more tired, especially if your afternoon is filled with complicated subject matters. This is why it is recommended that you begin your day with your most challenging task, as you can approach it with the most amount of energy. As a result, your afternoons will also be made much easier since your easiest tasks will be reserved for that time.

2. Do One Task at a Time

Many people seem to believe that multitasking will help them complete tasks at a faster pace. However, this has quite the opposite effect. Trying to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously will only scatter your brain’s attention, making it more difficult to get each objective done on time. Multitasking doesn’t allow you to fully concentrate on just one thing, and it can lead to a less efficient working pace.

3. Organize Your Space

A scattered workplace usually represents a scattered mind, and it makes it easier to become distracted while trying to get work done. While you are attempting to become more productive, one of the first things you must do is organize your space. This will help get all of your affairs into order and minimize distractions, as well as decrease the amount of time spent trying to locate specific documents that may be scattered throughout your workspace.

4. Plan Your Days Out

It might seem time-consuming to plan your day out, but even taking five to ten minutes at the beginning of the day to set out a plan for yourself can significantly help you become more productive that day. This is a proven way to meet your goals before their deadlines. Crossing items off your to-do list will also motivate you to continue on in your productive manner.

5. Set Distractions Aside

As you work towards becoming more productive, you’ll need to be able to set distractions aside. This takes a lot of self-control in this day and age, especially when the biggest distraction is found in your closest sidekick: your phone. With distractions more readily available than ever before, it is important to set these aside. The sooner you do so, the easier it will be to be productive in your daily endeavors.