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Are you a new entrepreneur? If so, then there are some mistakes that you need to be aware of. There is no shame in making mistakes- everyone does it! The important thing is to learn from these mistakes and not make them again. This article will discuss ten common mistakes that entrepreneurs make- could one of these be something you have done?

1) Not having a clear vision: it is essential to have a clear vision established before starting your business. This will allow you to stay focused and not get distracted by other opportunities along the way.

2) Not having a budget: it is important to know how much you are spending and what kind of money your business will be bringing in. You need to have this information before starting your company to avoid financial problems later on down the road.

3) Not knowing your customers: this is the most crucial part of running a business. Without understanding who your target customers are, it will be difficult to get sales. You need to do research and figure out what kind of people will buy from you!

4) Not protecting your assets: you need to protect anything with monetary value in case of a lawsuit. You can do this by putting together an LLC or getting insurance for certain things within the business.

5) Not having a business plan: It is important to have a business plan to know where your business stands and how it will get there. This should include goals, strategies for reaching these goals, etc.

6) Not building a team: it is important to have others willing to help you. This will give your business more depth and allow you to focus on certain company areas instead of everything all at once!

7) Not having a mentor: this is something I did when first starting my company. However, it was extremely helpful to have someone experienced to give me advice and help along the way!

8) Not having a social media presence is crucial for any business, especially an eCommerce store. You need to have at least some sort of online following to make sales!

9) Not having business insurance: there are certain things within your company that you need to insure if something happens. For example, if you have a physical storefront or expensive equipment.

10) Not being assertive: this is something that I have struggled with in the past. If you are too afraid to speak up or ask for what you want, then people will walk all over you! It’s important to be able to stand your ground and get things done right!

The last mistake is not following up with customers! This can make or break your sales because if they don’t feel like they are being paid attention to then, chances are they will look for another business to buy from. There are many other things that new entrepreneurs fail to do before starting their company. However, these are the most prevalent ones and what you should focus on avoiding if you are just starting!