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Having good leadership qualities can be beneficial in several different settings, whether it be in business, sports, politics, or anything that involves collaboration. People aren’t just born with the traits of a good leader, though. Usually, these qualities are developed over time through effort, practice, and valuable experience. Typically, there are six traits that you will find in a good leader:

1. Integrity & Dependability

To effectively lead people, it’s crucial for them to see that their leader is also capable of leading by example. People need someone they can rely on and trust. Otherwise, they aren’t going to believe in them or want to follow their lead.

2. Self-Confidence

A good leader needs to be able to have confidence in the decisions they make and their own ability to make them correctly. People don’t want the one leading them to be hesitant or show doubt in themselves, as that is not usually very inspiring.

3. Desire to Lead

To be a good leader, one has to truly have the drive to lead and influence people. They have to be willing to take responsibility for their decisions and comfortable with wielding some level of authority over others.

4. Strong Ethics & Morals

People will always be more willing to follow and believe in someone whose values and character they have faith in. They have to be able to trust their leader’s sense of ethics and morals, so a leader has to demonstrate that they possess a strong sense of both.

5. Intelligence

A true leader has to be able to deduce exactly what their team or group is trying to accomplish and form a coherent and feasible plan for executing it. They also have to be able to react to speed bumps along the way and find successful ways to work around them.

6. Knowledge of Their Field

Lastly, someone who wishes to lead effectively has to have a good understanding of the role they’re stepping into. Whatever it is they and their followers are working towards, the leader must have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of it.

Anyone who has aspirations of learning to become a good leader should seriously consider which traits they possess and which ones they need to put in the effort to attain.